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General Content

cyber | news   |    January 01, 2015

Business Technology News

The latest in business technology news.

cyber | news   |    January 01, 2015

Tech Startup News

The latest in tech startup news.

cover story   |    January 01, 2015

The Challenges Of Outsourcing IT

On the surface, IT outsourcing amounts to little more than hiring an external provider to perform IT functions on its behalf, but beneath that surface there are many complexities to consider.

cyber | business   |    January 01, 2015

From Manufacturer To Service Provider

Xerox has been a pioneer in the field of photocopying for more than a century, and now provides services to enterprises that go well beyond the company's traditional hardware offerings.

cyber | cloud   |    January 01, 2015

Cognizant Computing

In short, cognizant computing refers to a series of apps and technologies that perform tasks, make decisions, and solve problems on your behalf.

cyber | mobility   |    January 01, 2015

Mobile Devices & Control Issues

Whether or not you're prepared for them, mobile devices are being used to access corporate data, and doing nothing invites risk.

cyber | mobility   |    January 01, 2015

Hand Pick Employee Apps

If employees are given free rein to download whatever apps they please on corporate-owned devices, there are holes in your mobile security policy. A company-run app store can help you get control.

cyber | energy   |    January 01, 2015


Many researchers, manufacturers, and businesses are working to create solutions that will keep us productive while reducing energy demands to lessen our impact on the environment.

cyber | IT   |    January 01, 2015

More Value From Colocation Services

The logical path forward for many organizations toward hosting, securing, and connecting IT infrastructure is colocation services.

cyber | IT   |    January 01, 2015

Document Management

Consistently performing well with document management holds numerous potential benefits. In this article we provide some best practices so you can avoid trouble spots.

cyber | IT   |    January 01, 2015

Benefits Of Managed Service Providers

Consider outsourcing some of your company's management and monitoring functions to a third-party MSP that can take care of the more general tasks and free up your IT team to focus on business-specific initiatives.

cyber | networking   |    January 01, 2015

The Case For Network Virtualization

Learn how network virtualization can benefit your company.

cyber | networking   |    January 01, 2015

The Dark Side Of The Internet Of Things

The IoT is one of the most talked about and exciting technologies now happening, primarily due to the massive scope, potential, and opportunities it entails.

cyber | networking   |    January 01, 2015

State Of Software-Defined Networking

SDN separates networking software and hardware in order to give IT personnel more control over and insights into an organization's network.

cyber | security   |    January 01, 2015

When USB Devices Go Bad

Hackers have come up with inventive back door attacks, such as using malicious USB devices, routers, and other hardware peripherals to load spyware and viruses onto corporate networks.

cyber | security   |    January 01, 2015

Is Endpoint Encryption In Your Future?

Enterprises have long employed endpoint security for desktop and laptop systems. Now, CIOs and security administrators are turning their attention to securing the smartphones and tablets their employees use to connect to corporate networks.

cyber | security   |    January 01, 2015

Better Understand Enterprise Risk

While there are quite a few areas where business and IT groups tend to have a disconnect, risk management is one area that doesn’t always get enough attention.

cyber | storage   |    January 01, 2015

Storage Management

Good storage management is an essential part of keeping a business technologically afloat.

cyber | electronics   |    January 01, 2015

Digital Diversions

The latest premium electronics.

cyber | tips   |    January 01, 2015

Ease Travel Headaches

These travel-friendly devices can help eliminate some of the stress and headaches that come with being on the road.

cyber | tips   |    January 01, 2015

Isolate Malware

An unfortunate fact about using an Internet-connected computer these days is the constant threat of malware infection

cyber | tips   |    January 01, 2015

Excel Formulas

Excel spreadsheets are useful for tracking finances, storing important figures, or even creating databases of information. Here are examples of formulas that might save you time.

cyber | tips   |    January 01, 2015

Smartphone Tips

A roundup of helpful advice for getting more out of your Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, or iOS smartphone.

cyber | tips   |    January 01, 2015

Office In The Cloud

Tips and how-to steps that will help you advance from novice to experienced Office 365 user.