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General Content

cyber | news   |    February 01, 2015

Business Technology News

The latest in business technology news.

cyber | news   |    February 01, 2015

Tech Startup News

The latest in tech startup news.

cover story   |    February 01, 2015

Hybrid Cloud Computing

As more cloud vendors enter the market, the definition of "hybrid cloud" becomes more difficult to pin down. This article offers definitions, use cases, and benefits of hybrid cloud computing.

cyber | business   |    February 01, 2015

Over 30 Years Of Evolution & Innovation

EMC started off as a physical storage and memory company, but has evolved to offer a wide range of big data and cloud solutions.

cyber | business   |    February 01, 2015

Technologies To Watch In 2015

Analysts and researchers covering various technologies share their thoughts about what businesses should have on their radar for 2015.

cyber | cloud   |    February 01, 2015

The Current State Of Cloud Security

By its very nature, cloud computing involves a degree of risk. This article explores the level of risk generally posed by today's cloud services.

cyber | mobility   |    February 01, 2015

Modernize Your Mobility Approach

This article provides an overview of several dominant workforce mobility movements, all of which can be key to modernizing a mobility strategy.

cyber | data   |    February 01, 2015

New, Real-Time Data

While few would argue organizations are amassing more data than ever today, there is an argument as to which type of data within the “big data” vault is of most value in a business sense.

cyber | energy   |    February 01, 2015


Some of the newest "green" initiatives researchers, manufacturers, and businesses are working on that will reduce energy demands and lessen our impact on the environment.

cyber | IT   |    February 01, 2015

Recover Value From IT Assets

This article explores why IT personnel and executives alike should take interest in IT asset recovery.

cyber | networking   |    February 01, 2015

Add A Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

Setting up a guest Wi-Fi hotspot is a relatively simple task, whether you want to use an existing router or consider a new model that includes features that make it more appropriate for sharing a Wi-Fi connection. We will describe what you need to get sta

cyber | security   |    February 01, 2015

The Fine Art Of Disaster Recovery

Developing a comprehensive DR and BC plan is more important than ever due to the complexity now existing within enterprises in terms of systems, technologies, infrastructure, and operations.

cyber | security   |    February 01, 2015

The Path Of Identity Theft

It’s easier than you might think for criminals to obtain your personal information.

cyber | security   |    February 01, 2015

Unified Threat Management Solutions

Learn how unified threat management solutions can benefit your company.

cyber | security   |    February 01, 2015

Safety In A Virtual World

Although virtualization is reshaping how an organization operates its IT infrastructure, it’s important to be aware of the risks that are possible in a virtual environment.

cyber | storage   |    February 01, 2015

Enterprise Backup

Enterprise backup may seem straightforward and core features fairly constant among vendors, but there are variations. Thus, it pays to be aware of primary features across a range of solutions.

cyber | storage   |    February 01, 2015

Network-Attached Storage For SMBs

NAS is one of the best ways for organizations of any size to create a data management strategy that will unfetter employees and foster future success.

cyber | electronics   |    February 01, 2015

Digital Diversions

The latest premium electronics.

cyber | tips   |    February 01, 2015

Smartphone Tips

A roundup of helpful advice for getting more out of your Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iOS, or Android smartphone.

cyber | tips   |    February 01, 2015

Social Media Privacy Tips

Leverage the security and privacy settings social media services provide to manage your online visibility.

cyber | tips   |    February 01, 2015

PC Problems On The Road?

Quick fixes for common PC problems you may encounter while on the road.

cyber | tips   |    February 01, 2015

Solve Laptop-Projector Setup Problems

These tips should help bail you out if your presentation goes south.

cyber | tips   |    February 01, 2015

Data Usage & International Travel

Using cellular services beyond U.S. shores can leave you with a hefty wireless bill if you aren't careful. Learn how to fend off excessive charges, regardless of the device.